Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20th

Good Morning! Today we are celebrating 3 holidays!

Lets get started with my favorite of the day :Be a Millionaire Day. I Love it!  Where do I cash in?

money sign art by Etsy seller GarrettWieder

Next we have National Bike to Work Day. I tell you, if I lived in a town that didn't have so many hills, I would bike more often, biking to my office would be easy, its the getting home that would be awful. Not to mention the fact that I don't go in to work today....its a sewing day, and that happens in my the house....sooooo  no bikes in the house :(   but the rest of you, pull out that bike and let the car sit in the driveway today.

Bicycle necklace from Etsy seller morikaty

Last of all, today is Pick Strawberries Day. Our spring is so late-coming this year, I don't think anyone has strawberries ready to pick yet.  Maybe we will have to revisit this one in a few weeks!
felt strawberry cake by Etsy seller onenonly88

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