Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16th

3 holidays to share with you today. Lets get to it!

the first is Love a Tree Day
Etsy has no shortage of "green" products. The handmade community loves and respects all things recyled and things supplies that support recycled material.  I had a lot to choose from!

Eco friendly cards by Etsy seller SeeSpotStamp

next we have National Sea Monkey Day.  Haha, I never experienced sea monkeys as a kid...but I always thought it might be fun.

Print by Etsy seller melodysage

and finally today is Wear Purple for Peace Day. I am wearing purple today!!  Are you?  I found lots of purple selections on Etsy.
I wouldn't mind adding this to my own wardrobe!

top by Etsy seller tangente

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