Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 12th

iHappy May 12th!  Today is 3 holidays

the first is Fatigue Syndrome Day

Being a mother, I feel like this holiday is for me!  But I did do some ready about CFS (Cronic Fatigue Syndrome) at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and realized that it could be a lot worse, a lot worse.  So I will drink some coffee, do a little yoga and get back to being a busy mom.

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Next we have International Nurses Day. We have spent a lot of time celebrating Nurses this month, but rightly so, they are hard working, load baring professionals and we all owe at least one thanks and graditude.

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And finally, today is Limerick Day
I am not much for limerick writing, so I will leave that one to you.....go ahead, write one in the comments!
Maybe I will even send a prize to the best one!

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