Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11th

Another day filled with holidays!

I'm going to start with my favorite of the day:
Eat What You Want Day!
Since I am getting ready for my brothers wedding this August, the workouts and diet have left me craving junk food!  So today, I am going to indulge ...not sure what yet, but I will figure it out.  Good thing I have Zumba tonight.

Chocolate Carmel Covered Cookies by Etsy seller nikid

Next on the list, National Receptionist Day
I spend 2 years as a receptionist in a real estate office and another 2 years at a trucking company. I understand the job of the receptionist and dually respect it. Here is my favorite receptionist, Pam Beasley

Pam and Jim Illustration by Etsy seller mcillustrator

I never met the school nurse for any of the three schools I attended, but today is for them. National School Nurses Day. Here's to you.

sign by Etsy seller cinda

Last, and fun....Twilight Zone Day. I sort of remember the twilight zone, I was young when it was on TV. What I remember is that it was in black and white, and there was one episode in particular that I remember about a ventriloquist dummy being alive...that's all I remember about it.
3-D popart by Etsy seller Popsicart

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