Saturday, May 28, 2011

Costume Designing :: Alice in Wonderland

So my mind has been racing and I have notes and tiny sketches all over every slip of paper, envelope and sticky note in my studio. I have ideas flowing out my imagination and not enough time in the day to put it together. So I got focused yesterday and got started thinking about the first theme: Alice in Wonderland.  Everything Wonderland is very popular this year, and Etsy doesn't have too many options for children in the costume sense, so I decided that I would get rolling in that direction.  I don't want to copy either Disney version, but be similar...with my Sew Cute twist. So I collected some inspirational pictures, I decided to focus on the tea party scene for the 2011 collection.

Made the list of pieces I want to make for the collection:
Mad Hatter for boy
-over sized top hat

Mad Hatter for girl
-mini top hat head band

-black hair bow

White Rabbit
-with pocket watch

Brown Hare
-vintage pattern?

-looking for the perfect pattern....

Felt Tea Set
-different colors

Felt Tea Cakes
-different colors and sizes

....and got started. So far I have finished the Mad Hatter jacket and hat. I decided to go toward the animated version for the set, with the yellow jacket and green hat. I feel like it is the most recognizable, although Ayden thinks it is a magician costume (I just added magician to the costume idea list)

And now I am off to work on the girls version of the Mad Hatter!

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