Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31st

For every single day in the month of May I have shared the individual holidays!  And now we are on the last day of May.  Today has 3 holidays.

Lets get started with a tasty one, National Macaroon Day.  I have never actually had a macaroon. Macaroons are made from ground nuts and leavened egg whites. Coconut and potato starch is common in Macaroon recipes. Macaroons were believed to have been first made in an Italian monastery in 1792.  I thought about making some macaroons from this recipe, but decided I would just look at them on Etsy instead.

fresh macaroons from Etsy seller nicoleleechocolates

Next on the list is Save Your Hearing Day. With all the earbuds in peoples ears, this is one that I find important. I am constantly telling my husband "I can hear that over here" when he listens to his audiobooks on his iPod.  Whether he is just trying to drown out the sounds in the house, or he can't hear it...the guy is going to be deaf pretty soon! 
My kids have the kid tough MP3 players, and the volume only goes up to a certain level, to protect their ears, a feature that I appreciate as a parent.

felted ear specimen from Etsy seller yourorgangrinder

Finally, today is World No Tobacco Day. I love it!  Smoking is horrible, and chew is disgusting.  I hate it when smokers don't have any respect for the non-smoking people and children around them.  The last time we went to the circus the guy in front of us chain smoked through the whole thing...yuck.

If you have a tobacco issue, take a minute to think about how much healthier (and cheaper) your life would be without it.

no smoking sign from Etsy seller moderncanvas

Well that's it, I shared 76 different holidays in the month of May. Did you enjoy that? should I continue with June?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30th

We are getting so close to the end of the week!  Today we have two holidays.

The most important of the two is Memorial Day.

Normally, Memorial Day is to remember those who have lost their lives serving in the military. Although I have family who serve in the military, I have not lost any of them. Instead I would like to take a minute to talk about family that I have lived to know and mourn.

parade print by Etsy seller TeaCakeCafe

I have only lost 3 great grandparents in my life time. Grandpa Gus and Grandma Esther passed when I was young, I hardly remember them. But I lost a woman very near and dear to me and my entire family just over 4 years ago.

Agnes Moore was a beautiful, strong, outgoing, never stopping woman. She taught me more in my life than any other single person I have ever known.  She only lived a couple blocks from where I grew up, and just around the corner from my grade school, so we spent a lot of time at her house.

She taught me how to play cards. Kings Corner, Crazy 8's, Memory, Go Fish...all these games she used to help us learn how to count and add in our heads.  As I got older we learned how to play Spades and Rummy.
She taught me how to crochet a chain. My brother, John, and I would crochet chains like there was no tomorrow.  We could wrap it around the house several times!
She taught me that cooking isn't about recipes, and the chore of doing it. Its about love and family. Feeding the hungry. Nobody left her home with an empty stomach, nobody went hungry in her neighborhood.
She taught me how to tend a garden.  We spent hours weeding, watering, planting and harvesting: raspberries, currents, strawberries, peaches, plums, apricots, apples, pears, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, lettuce, rhubarb, dill, walnuts, hazelnuts, and even more that I can't think of off the top of my head.

Every day her oven was baking bread, rolls, pies, or cookies. Every day with dinner, we had fresh made rolls.

Agnes Moore at her 90th birthday celebration

when I was 23, I stood in the grocery isle looking at jam. I was almost in tears, because never in my life did I have to buy jam. I had never had anything in my refrigerator except Grandma's home made jam made from the raspberries that grew in her backyard.  The same thing happened when I bought a package of rolls.

she taught me the importance of family, and being there for each other. And loving each other no matter how bad it may seem. She taught me that preserving family history is important, and to take as many pictures as you can, because you don't get to relive the moments.

Even though Grandma has been gone for several years, I think about her almost every day. She teaches me lessons even now, through the memories of her.  She didn't even know that she was teaching me back then, but as I look back on the memories, I see her differently, as an adult now, I understand her more than ever.

When the day comes that we all gather in heaven again, I can't wait to see her smiling face.

the second holiday, fits my grandma. Today is also Water a Flower Day.  Grandma had a row of pink rose bushes along her driveway. There was always a fresh bouquet on her dining table next to the candy dish.

Seed Packet Tag from Etsy seller BeeHiveCottage

Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29th

Today is only one holiday, but I am going to celebrate two things.

first, the actual holiday which is International Jazz Day.  I love listening to jazz, it puts me in such a creative mood!

art print from Etsy seller MamasHouse

Second, not a national holiday or anything, but it is my dad's 50th birthday!!!  50?!  Oh My Goodness!
My dad and I were really close when I was little. We had a saying, which I have no idea what it means or where it came from, but I will never forget it
"esch kabeeble  oatin doatin  bobo  skadeetin dottin" 

He has been racing stock car as long as I can remember, helped my brother and I through karate training and coached my brothers baseball team from farm league through babe ruth league.

He's  a pretty special guy.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

card from Etsy seller EyeCandyCards

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Costume Designing :: Alice in Wonderland

So my mind has been racing and I have notes and tiny sketches all over every slip of paper, envelope and sticky note in my studio. I have ideas flowing out my imagination and not enough time in the day to put it together. So I got focused yesterday and got started thinking about the first theme: Alice in Wonderland.  Everything Wonderland is very popular this year, and Etsy doesn't have too many options for children in the costume sense, so I decided that I would get rolling in that direction.  I don't want to copy either Disney version, but be similar...with my Sew Cute twist. So I collected some inspirational pictures, I decided to focus on the tea party scene for the 2011 collection.

Made the list of pieces I want to make for the collection:
Mad Hatter for boy
-over sized top hat

Mad Hatter for girl
-mini top hat head band

-black hair bow

White Rabbit
-with pocket watch

Brown Hare
-vintage pattern?

-looking for the perfect pattern....

Felt Tea Set
-different colors

Felt Tea Cakes
-different colors and sizes

....and got started. So far I have finished the Mad Hatter jacket and hat. I decided to go toward the animated version for the set, with the yellow jacket and green hat. I feel like it is the most recognizable, although Ayden thinks it is a magician costume (I just added magician to the costume idea list)

And now I am off to work on the girls version of the Mad Hatter!

May 28th

Well Good Morning! One thing I love about spring/summer is that the sum comes up and shines into my window, causing me to snooze less times. I have my alarm set 45 minutes before I actually have to get up, which means I get to snooze 4 times.  But on mornings like this one, I am already awake before the alarm goes off!  I love it!

Anyway, on to todays holiday, which is Amnesty International Day. Today is a day to reflect and celebrate on human rights.  Which immediately makes me think about the anti-bullying ads I see everywhere now.  Bullies make me sick, its hard for me to imagine when any person, child or adult, would think that it was okay to purposefully be harmful to another person. Whether physically or mentally, it is absolutely not okay.

I had a bully in Jr. High, when I was in 7th grade. Honestly, I don't even remember her name. But every day, in home ec. class, she would bully me, everything from calling my ugly to pushing me around. The teacher never said a word.  Finally, one day after she came into the class and dropped her books on the top of my head, I stood up. "This is not okay, stop bullying me!"
She responded with "oh yea? what are you going to do about it?"
At this point, I didn't think that the past 5 years of karate training would have done me any good, I was scared out of my mind while her and her friends giggled at me from the other side of the room.
One of the other kids in class, who I never found out who it was, reported the situation to the principal, where we had a long day of "talking about it". She never bothered me again after that.

Button from Etsy seller thedogcoatlady

2 years later, I saw her in town. I immediately knew who she was and hoped she didn't see me. But she came over to me and apologized. She told me that she was headed in the wrong direction, and wasn't thinking about her actions anymore. Some people can change, and see their mistakes to make changes for the better, while some people can't, unfortunately, too many people are bullied and harassed every day.

I challenge you to think about a time that you have been bullied, you were the bullier or you witness someone being bullied. How did you react? What could you have done differently?  Now share that with someone, on your blog, on your facebook. Somewhere. Do your part to change the world, and let those people know that it is NOT okay to bully someone, no matter the circumstances.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Project Positive

So "project positive" was working well, we were having less tantrums, and he was getting his 4 "chores" done every day. Then all of a sudden, over this last week. He was done cleaning his room.  Done.

Yesterday was an all day long battle for him to clean up his toys, complete with temper tantrums and even the throwing of a book.   Wow, where did that come from?!

So after Nathan and Ay have the book throwing fight, he was left in his room in time-out, which was such a commotion that he fell asleep and took a 45 minute nap.  I thought that when he woke up from the nap, this issue would be over and we would move on with the day. I was wrong. He woke up from his nap as angry as ever, preceding to throw a tantrum in the front room. Not allowed. Ayden knows that he is not okay to come out in the front room and throw a fit.

For the toddler age group, tantrums are natural. They are going to happen with most kids. They don't have very many ways to express their feelings at such a young age, so the tantrum brews. The difference is for the child to understand that its okay to be angry, but throwing a tantrum is not. So it has been understood between Ayden and I, that I understand that sometimes he gets so angry he needs to cry a little, but if he needs to do it, he has to go to his room and sit on his bed. I do not tolerate those fits to follow me around the house.

So I did something, I swore I would never do as a parent. I hated it when my parents did it to me, and I swore I wouldn't do it to my kids. But I grabbed a garbage bag, went into his room and picked up 5 random toys and books and put them in the bag.  Of course the tantrum accelerated in seconds. He tried to grab the bag out of my hands and and scream at me. I picked him up, set him on his bed and looked him right in the eye. I said "this is done. we are not going to fight about picking up your toys. if you continue to throw this fit I will take more toys." The tantrum quickly subsided and he looked at me with the saddest eyes. It was hard for me to follow through.  I went to the door and said "do not come out of this room until all of your toys are in the toy box." I took the bag out to my car, where it currently sits in my trunk.

He cleaned up that room so fast, and came out. "mom, where is my truck?"
"it's in the garbage"
"but I need it"
"well, next time you will clean your room when you are supposed to and I won't have to throw things away"
He pouted for the next hour, but forgot about it pretty quickly.

I think its time to clean out the toy boxes and get rid of toys that aren't really played with, and just become clutter all over my house.

This morning, he was eager to work on his chore chart, the toys in the front room are all picked up, his room is picked up and his bed is made.  Hopefully we won't have a day like yesterday again.

May 27th

Todays holiday does not feel very fitting to the weather we are having here in the NorthWest.  The warm weather is a little late coming, and I haven't even broken out the sun screen yet. Since today is Sun Screen Day, maybe the sun will make an appearance even tho the entire weeks forecast is rain.

Mineral Sunblock from Etsy seller halosoap

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26th

Just one holiday for you today. And that would be Sally Ride Day.

Sally Ride Day honors the first American woman to go into space. Dr. Ride accomplished this feat as a mission specialist aboard STS-7, the second flight of the Space Shuttle "Challenger". STS-7 was launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on June 18, 1983.

Celebrate Sally Ride Day by learning more about the U.S. space program and NASA. Better yet, we encourage everyone to push for a more active and dedicated U.S. space program and policy.

Shuttle print by Etsy seller bdrosos

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25th

It a two holiday day today!

the first one makes me a little sad. It is National Missing Children Day. As a mother I can't imagine losing a child. I have nightmares about it from time to time and can't even watch CSI when the story line is about a murdered child. 

I did search online for "missing children network" and found an overwhelming list of links to different sites, picturing children of all ages, who are missing. Meaning, their parents and families do not know where they are, if they are alive, if they remember them.  Very sad.

The second holiday is Tap Dance Day.  I was a dancer through junior high and high school, I always had an interest in tap, but never had the opportunity to learn.  Maybe some day I will sign up for an adult class just for fun!
print from Etsy seller ruralubanite

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 24th

Its another 1 holiday day..a little slimy this time around....

today is a day celebrating something that I have never tried, and probably won't....bleh

Will you be celebraing National Escargot Day?

Snail Print from Etsy seller hopeimages

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23rd

Just one holiday today. Do you pick up penny's you find? Well, today you should, because it is Lucky Penny Day!

penny keyring by Etsy seller MODPawed

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22nd

Only 1 holiday today, and its not something I will be celebrating.....

Buy a Musical Instrument Day.

I guess, I did recently purchase a Baritone Ukulele, that was a couple months ago, but I won't be purchasing any new instruments today.
Print by Etsy seller KeepCalmShop

I did a search for ukulele on Etsy and found some pretty cool pieces from Etsy seller celetonwoodworks

May 21st

Okay, so I didn't get the holidays up yesterday...but I had good reason!!!

My husband and in-laws took me to Spokane WA for a nice lunch, a little shopping and most importantly of all... to see WICKED THE MUSICAL!

It was incredible. I loved every single second of the entire show. I wish I could see it again, right now!  If you ever get the opportunity...don't pass it up. Wicked is an amazing book as well as an amazing musical!
Wicked pendant from Etsy seller kissmependant

I won't leave out yesterday's holidays ...

First was Armed Forces Day  I have mentioned in the previous posts that I have two cousins in the military, and my husband has a cousin who serves. Our families prayers are constantly with all those in uniform.

vintage military photo by Etsy seller missgaylee

Next we have National Memo Day. I am a post-it queen. Not only do I have them stuck all over my sewing desk, I have 3 computer post-its on my desktop right now...lol

magnetic post-it note holder by Etsy seller AprilsPaperShack

Last of all, yesterday was National Waiter and Waitress Day. I spent 6 1/2 years working at Old Country Buffet. I didn't spend the whole time working on the floor, waiting tables, but I spent enough time there to appreciate the hard work!  Also a shout out to my sister in law to be..Rachele who is a waitress at Zany Graze!!! (leave her a big tip, she has a wedding to pay for!)

wood sign by Etsy seller Baymanscottage

Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20th

Good Morning! Today we are celebrating 3 holidays!

Lets get started with my favorite of the day :Be a Millionaire Day. I Love it!  Where do I cash in?

money sign art by Etsy seller GarrettWieder

Next we have National Bike to Work Day. I tell you, if I lived in a town that didn't have so many hills, I would bike more often, biking to my office would be easy, its the getting home that would be awful. Not to mention the fact that I don't go in to work today....its a sewing day, and that happens in my studio...in the house....sooooo  no bikes in the house :(   but the rest of you, pull out that bike and let the car sit in the driveway today.

Bicycle necklace from Etsy seller morikaty

Last of all, today is Pick Strawberries Day. Our spring is so late-coming this year, I don't think anyone has strawberries ready to pick yet.  Maybe we will have to revisit this one in a few weeks!
felt strawberry cake by Etsy seller onenonly88

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 19th

Hello Hello!

There is only one holiday today, and that is Boys Club Day.  I was never a member of the local Boys and Girls Club, but my nephew is and he loves it.  I and supportive of the club, knowing that one day my own son will probably go there to play safely with his friends.

Vintage song book from Etsy seller PastGenerationBook

May 18th

OOPS!  sorry this didn't get posted yesterday, I thought I had it set to post automatically, and I put the wrong date !!  LOL  oh well, better late than never right?!?!


Happy May 18th!  We've got three today!

Lets start off with International Museum Day. I have not ever been into a big art museum. We have a local museum here in Lewiston, but I don't get down there as often as I should.

"The Met" by Etsy seller epichette

The next holiday today is No Dirty Dishes Day. I am a fan of this day, perhaps we will picnic at the park so we don't create dirty dishes in the house!

Dishwasher magnet by Etsy seller Txalteredart

and finally, today is Visit Your Relatives Day. I am fortunate enough to have a lot of family right here in town, but I don't visit them as often as I should.  but this summer will be full of relatives coming to visit us for the celebration of my brothers wedding! I am very excited about that!
Family tree by Etsy seller FancyPrints

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17th

Today has only one holiday, and I find it amusing that this holiday is exactly one week from Clean Your Room Day.

Today is Pack Rat Day, although I am little confused why/how you would celebrate being a pack rate... so I did an Internet search for some answers. Apparently, there are none. There is no origination history for this holiday, so I guess we can take it as a day to recognized our pack-rattiness and get organized.

wall organizer from Thirty One Gifts consultant April Hunt
(click the picture to see the whole catalog)

I like to get my organization bags, totes and wall hanger like this one from a company called Thirty One Gifts.
It is a Christian based company that is named for Proverbs 31: Give her credit for what her hands have made: let her be praised by her works in the public place.

This is a home company, that helps women make a living and still be a stay at home parent, while spreading the word of God.

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16th

3 holidays to share with you today. Lets get to it!

the first is Love a Tree Day
Etsy has no shortage of "green" products. The handmade community loves and respects all things recyled and things supplies that support recycled material.  I had a lot to choose from!

Eco friendly cards by Etsy seller SeeSpotStamp

next we have National Sea Monkey Day.  Haha, I never experienced sea monkeys as a kid...but I always thought it might be fun.

Print by Etsy seller melodysage

and finally today is Wear Purple for Peace Day. I am wearing purple today!!  Are you?  I found lots of purple selections on Etsy.
I wouldn't mind adding this to my own wardrobe!

top by Etsy seller tangente

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project Positive Day 4

I didn't have a chance to post last night because we were playing a game of Mario Party 8!
Ayden was very excited to finish his meals all day and clean his room.  He was spends a lot of time looking at his chart of stickers, and talking about what he still has left to finish and what stickers he already used.

And the best part of yesterday was....no tantrums! He didn't throw a fit even one time. He used his manners all day and we just had a nice day. Maybe it was the wonderful sunshine we had yesterday!

He has already made his bed and finished his breakfast for today!

May 12th

iHappy May 12th!  Today is 3 holidays

the first is Fatigue Syndrome Day

Being a mother, I feel like this holiday is for me!  But I did do some ready about CFS (Cronic Fatigue Syndrome) at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and realized that it could be a lot worse, a lot worse.  So I will drink some coffee, do a little yoga and get back to being a busy mom.

cherry wood bed by Etsy seller tarikyousef

Next we have International Nurses Day. We have spent a lot of time celebrating Nurses this month, but rightly so, they are hard working, load baring professionals and we all owe at least one thanks and graditude.

button from Etsy seller Gnipmac

And finally, today is Limerick Day
I am not much for limerick writing, so I will leave that one to you.....go ahead, write one in the comments!
Maybe I will even send a prize to the best one!

limerick tp by Etsy seller SilverCrow

May 15th

Now that we are back on track, today has 2 holidays, not as birdy as yesterday, but still fun

The first is a very tasty, National Chocolate Chip Day!
maybe we will make up some chocolate chip cookies to celebrate!  Otherwise, these look really good!

cookies from Etsy seller devilishlydevine

The second holiday is Police Officers Memorial Day. To all of those who have fallen in duty trying to keep our friends and family safe in our hometowns.
Charm by Etsy seller PenCraftbyLinda

May 14th

I was so busy yesterday with the craft show that I didn't get an opportunity to share the holidays of May 14th with you!

There are only 2.

The first is Dance Like a Chicken Day.
When I searched "Chicken Dance" at Etsy, I saw this right away and it made me smile, I hope it makes you smile too.

Dirty Chickens by Etsy seller mrchicken

The next holiday is International Migratory Bird Day
I love that I wake up to birds singing on these spring mornings. The birds are coming back and its my favorite time of year.
you Glee fans might appreciate this bird I chose from several beautiful watercolor pictures of birds from this Etsy seller.
watercolor warbler by Etsy seller intothewoods1

well, that's it. Just two!
it was a feathery day yesterday.

Friday, May 13, 2011

May 13th

Not only is it the 13th, its Friday the 13th! (da da daaaaa)

black cat from MY Etsy shop bynichole

it is also my father-in-law's birthday


this is a cake a made for his 50th birthday

This one is pretty funny,
Blame Someone Else Day.  Hm, blame someone else for what....eating all the left over cupcakes on the counter....it wasn't me! It was the kids!

cupcakes from Etsy seller sweetcupcasions

Frog Jumping Day. I just asked the kids to jump like frogs...very cute!  I found tons of cute stuff on Etsy, it was hard to choose one!

frog hat from Etsy seller BeautifulPhotoProps

And finally, Leprechaun Day, because one day in March isn't enough!

needle felted figure by Etsy seller SooSun

Well that's it for today! I hope it is sunny where you are!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11th

Another day filled with holidays!

I'm going to start with my favorite of the day:
Eat What You Want Day!
Since I am getting ready for my brothers wedding this August, the workouts and diet have left me craving junk food!  So today, I am going to indulge ...not sure what yet, but I will figure it out.  Good thing I have Zumba tonight.

Chocolate Carmel Covered Cookies by Etsy seller nikid

Next on the list, National Receptionist Day
I spend 2 years as a receptionist in a real estate office and another 2 years at a trucking company. I understand the job of the receptionist and dually respect it. Here is my favorite receptionist, Pam Beasley

Pam and Jim Illustration by Etsy seller mcillustrator

I never met the school nurse for any of the three schools I attended, but today is for them. National School Nurses Day. Here's to you.

sign by Etsy seller cinda

Last, and fun....Twilight Zone Day. I sort of remember the twilight zone, I was young when it was on TV. What I remember is that it was in black and white, and there was one episode in particular that I remember about a ventriloquist dummy being alive...that's all I remember about it.
3-D popart by Etsy seller Popsicart


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