Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flannel Robe Count Down

I have a small problem with fabric hoarding. I see cute prints I just have to buy them up before they are no longer available, then it just sits on my shelf because I can't decide on the perfect project for that fabric.

Well, my shelf is over-stuffed. I have stacks of fabric everywhere and and they are growing faster than I am sewing. So I decided that I really need to get motivated here and work my way down these stacks.

I am not going to purchase any new fabric until I have cleared out these stacks!
I have cotton, flannel, fleece and felt.
The first stack: FLANNEL

I have 15 different prints that need to be cut and made. Plus 2 prints that are already cut and waiting to be assembled. They are in a rubbermaid box, I need to dig that out from under the stack of fleece. 
So I have 25 robes to finish to clear out this stack. WHEW that is a lot of robes!  Hang in there with me, I will get these done!

Beaded Strings
Sail Boats
Little Sailor

Squiggly Lines

Mod Kitties

Summer Butterflies

Pink Mermaids


Mod Puppies

Vintage Cowboys

Fairy Princess

Tropical Sharks

Choo Choo Trains
Girls Dots
Boy Dots

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