Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Flannel Pile

Okay, so its been about 2 weeks since I made a promise to get through that flannel pile....

has it moved?


however, I did manage to clean up my workspace and I even put up 2 new shelves for my boxes of patterns, so hey, progress.

I still promise to not purchase any new fabric until I use up what I already have.  My grandmother is a quilter, otherwise known as a fabric hoarder. Everyone in my family jokes about it, and now, the joke is that I am being a fabric hoarder also.  If I ever install storage cabinets in my garage, specifically for my pre-washed/pressed and categorized fabric....someone shoot me.

Now, off to my sewing machine, but not to sew robes, its time to fill some custom order stuffed animals!!

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