Friday, April 29, 2011

Rainbow Monkeys

I purchased this monkey pattern from Funky Friends Factory, so that I could make my son a Curious George.
Ayden loves his George. I love him too. Then a friend saw my monkey and asked me to make one special for her grand daughter, the order was Pink with Green eyes. She turned out very cute as well.

I decided to list the pink monkey in my shop, and she has had a lot of positive comments! So I was inspired to create a whole Rainbow of Monkeys!

Then I took Ayden to the riverside in Clarkston and took pictures, they turned out so cute! I am so proud of my Rainbow Monkeys, I think they have really brightened up my shop for spring!

Don't I have the best model ever?  The best part is, he works for candy! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...not thinking about flannel

ok, so it has been 5 more days, and I still have not even looked at that pile of flannel and bath towels. BLEH!

the good news is, that I have had steady sales this week, so I have been busy working on orders. And I did get some great organization done with my patterns.  I created a plastic container for each type of pattern/project. The biggest one, of course, is costumes. Which gave me a great brain storm for Halloween!

I know, I know, its so far away, but if I am going to debut the new halloween line on September 1st, I gotta do the photo shoot in August. And with my brothers wedding in August, I need to halloween kicked off right now!

So last year, I had these costumes:
Pink Flamingo :: Pretty Peacock :: Cutie Mummy :: Black Bat :: Candy Corn Fairy :: Pumpkin Patch Fairy :: Pirate :: Red Riding Hood :: Black Cat :: (not pictured) Dorothy and Toto

10 costumes, all tutus and all for girls. This year I am adding a few more girl costumes, but I am really thinking about boys. My son has been a race car driver, a Muskateer and a Pirate Captain, each of those will be added to the shop.

2011 Sew Cute by nichole Halloween brainstorm!
Various Animals
Poodle Skirts
Little Bo Peep

Big Bad Wolf
Various Animals
Race Car Driver

I'm excited to see what direction this new line actually goes in!
Stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Flannel Pile

Okay, so its been about 2 weeks since I made a promise to get through that flannel pile....

has it moved?


however, I did manage to clean up my workspace and I even put up 2 new shelves for my boxes of patterns, so hey, progress.

I still promise to not purchase any new fabric until I use up what I already have.  My grandmother is a quilter, otherwise known as a fabric hoarder. Everyone in my family jokes about it, and now, the joke is that I am being a fabric hoarder also.  If I ever install storage cabinets in my garage, specifically for my pre-washed/pressed and categorized fabric....someone shoot me.

Now, off to my sewing machine, but not to sew robes, its time to fill some custom order stuffed animals!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flannel Robe Count Down

I have a small problem with fabric hoarding. I see cute prints I just have to buy them up before they are no longer available, then it just sits on my shelf because I can't decide on the perfect project for that fabric.

Well, my shelf is over-stuffed. I have stacks of fabric everywhere and and they are growing faster than I am sewing. So I decided that I really need to get motivated here and work my way down these stacks.

I am not going to purchase any new fabric until I have cleared out these stacks!
I have cotton, flannel, fleece and felt.
The first stack: FLANNEL

I have 15 different prints that need to be cut and made. Plus 2 prints that are already cut and waiting to be assembled. They are in a rubbermaid box, I need to dig that out from under the stack of fleece. 
So I have 25 robes to finish to clear out this stack. WHEW that is a lot of robes!  Hang in there with me, I will get these done!

Beaded Strings
Sail Boats
Little Sailor

Squiggly Lines

Mod Kitties

Summer Butterflies

Pink Mermaids


Mod Puppies

Vintage Cowboys

Fairy Princess

Tropical Sharks

Choo Choo Trains
Girls Dots
Boy Dots


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