Friday, November 12, 2010

Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital in Spokane WA

On Wednesday morning we dropped Ayden off at Omie's house and headed North to Spokane WA. Angel had an MRI and an EEG scheduled at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. Its a short 2 hour drive up there, which beats the six ours to Portland. The hospital is right off one of the very first exits, so it was a stress free navigation to find where we were going.

The MRI was the first on the list. She had to be sedated for the testing, which made me nervous of course, but she did just fine...until she woke up. When the nurse was taking us to the recovery area, we heard Angel screaming down the hall.

She HATES to have anything stuck to her. She won't wear bandaides, stickers even temporary tattoos. She will even pick scabs off of her skin, she hates it so much. So when we got there, she still had the IV needle in, 2 large electrodes on her chest and a monitor clipped on her toe. And she was PISSED. She thrashed around, screaming and pulling at everything. Finally I talked the nurse into taking everything off, and what do you know she was as happy has could be. She just sat in her bed and ate her goldfish crackers for the next half hour.  She was, however, still angry with the nurse and would not accept the stuffed teddy bear they wanted to give her, she took it back to the counter and left it there.   Then she grabbed my hand and Nathans and hand and told the nurses "good bye" She was very happy to leave that room.

The MRI came back completely normal. With the exception that is is small (because she is very small) it is structurally sound. There are no areas that are shut down or deformed in any way. I was pretty surprised to hear that was the result, but the EEG the next day would show difference.

For the EEG, she could not be sedated, the test measures electric waves in the brain, and they have to be natural. For children, this means sleep deprivation. So we headed back to the hotel for a long night.  Nathan crashed early so I could take the first shift. I had to keep her awake until midnight.  We walked up and down the hall, took a couple trips to the vending machine for cookies, jumped on the bed and watched cartoons.

She actually lasted longer than I did...I woke up at 1230 to find her still watching tv! I turned it off and she went right to sleep. Then the alarm went off at 4 am. Nathan roused her up (while I stuck headphones on with some music to drown them out). She only took a couple minutes to wake up, then she was just bouncing off the walls!  I got up at 6 and went had some breakfast and headed back to the hospital.

As you can imagine, she was not happy about sticking the electrodes all over her head, but I managed to get her to sleep in about 20 minutes...not with out a fight of course.

The EEG came back with some abnormal activity. Similar to the test done last year.  And now we were off to meet the pediatric neurologist , Dr Osterling.

The Doctor said that since we have been monitoring the seizures for the last year, and they are becoming more and more frequent, its time to medicate. I hated the sound of medication, then she told me that the meds were available in pill form, that we can crush and mix with food...Thank the Lord!

The medication is Keppra which is a very mild med, that Dr Osterling uses the most. She says it has the least amount of side effects, where most kids don't have any of them. What we do need to watch for is behavioral changes, if we notice any, we will stop the meds right away and try something else.

So we have a follow up appointment in 2 months..back up the Spokane, until then we will keep on chugging here in Lewiston: Trusting in God and loving it.

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