Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting Real with God

For nearly 8 years now I have studied the word of God, attending church services, bible studies and outreach events. After 8 years I can finally say that I am comfortable with my relationship with God, a place that I know many life long Christians never reach. Why is that? why is it so hard for people to feel good enough about themselves to trust and accept that God loves them no matter what.   I do know variations of answers to that question, and each one of them makes me feel sad that my fellow believers never reach this place I have found over this last year.

My friend Stacee and I have a bible study every Friday afternoon. Our children play and we get to spend some time together in adult conversation.  We talk about how God is working in our lives as a mother, a wife, a friend and as a christian. We have a study book..but tend to get off topic. But its when we stray off topic that our studies seem to really hit home.

Not too long ago, we were talking about prayer. And how you don't need to be poetic and flowery when you talk to God. Its not like He can't hear and see you all the rest of the day, He knows how you talk, how you think, how you act. He knows who you are...He made you that way. So just come to God as you are, and talk to Him the way you talk to anyone else (with respect of course).  Even when you don't have the words in the right order, He knows what is on your heart. Being honest with God, gives you the most peace you will ever feel.

We also discussed why people only pray at certain times of the day. I found that I reserved my prayers for the dinner table and before bed. Why was I saving up all of these prayers throughout the day to pray all at once? Its not like God has office hours and you have to present a two page essay.

 I would see a post on Facebook from a friend in need and I would think, I'll pray for her tonight before bed.  Why? what was I waiting for? For several weeks now I have made it a practice to stop and pray right then, when I feel like I want to pray for someone or something. I don't reserve prayer for just the times that I am able to close my eyes and clasp my hands (I still daily of course) but sometimes I will be driving in my car, and I will think about a situation that I want to take to Him; I will just turn down the radio and talk to Him while I'm driving.

God may be an old fashioned guy, but He still understands the times. He knows how we think, He knows how we act. Even if He doesn't agree with everything that is happening in the world, He loves each of use and knows just what we need.

God is not this out of reach guy that you can only go to for the "big stuff". I imagine the love I have for my children, how I am there for them for anything, big or tiny; then I magnify that love by thousands and that is how God loves His children....all of us.  

Lower your walls and have a chat. Get real with God, and your whole world will fall into place. I promise.

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