Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How I made my craft fair tool belt

I find it difficult to actively talk with my customers while I am guarding the money box, and fumbling the key to open the box to make change. Also when I wear a dress I don't have pockets to keep my phone and business cards at close reach. So I decided to make myself a sleek and easy "tool belt" to keep everything at hand during a show.

First I laid out everything I wanted in my belt, so that I could make it to fit.(leaving plenty of room in between each item for the seams,and keeping the pockets loose enough that my things won't get stuck while I pull them out.)
I have a pocket for small bills to make change quickly, a spot for my pen, a pocket for my phone, a pocket for my cards and a pocket for my scissors, thread and extra pins and needles.

I determined that that I wanted my final product to be 17" long and 3" tall. So I cut my main piece out at 17.5" by 7". As well as two strips that were 2" wide and at least 23" long for the tie.

First I folded the strips in half lengthwise and sewed one end and the side. I used my strap turning tool to turn them out.
If you do not have this tool, consider using ribbon for the tie, they don't need to be sewn, just cut the desired length.

Press the straps
Also press the hem on both of the long edges of the main piece.

Hem the edges. I prefer the double hem, but this is a great chance to use a fun stitch on your machine, or add ribbon edging.

Pin the straps inward on the front side of main piece. Place them both at the top edge, fold up the strap and keep it in the middle of the main piece to avoid them being caught in the sewing.

Fold the bottom edge to the top edge, don't move the strap, just pin it in.
Sew up the sides
Trim the edges
Turn it out. Now you have one large pocket with the ties.
Lay the items out on the pocket, leave plenty of space for the stitching.

With a fabric marking pen or pencil and a straight edge, draw a line from top to bottom to mark the division of pockets

Sew on the line all the way from the top to the bottom.

Because I am a seamstress most of my products can be mended on the spot with a little thread. I can also get some measurements for custom orders if I am prepared, so I want to have a needle and some pins with me, but not loose in my pocket.
I picked up this wrist pin cushion at Joann's for about $1

The wrist strap slid right out

I sewed the pin cushion to the outside of the scissor pocket. I will keep the scissors and a full bobbin of thread in the pocket. Be sure that your sharp scissors have a cap so they dont' poke through the bottom of the pocket.

And now I am ready for the craft fair! I wear mine on the side so the money pocket is right in front and the pins and needle is out of my way in the back.

This project was so easy and it took me less than an hour to complete. I just used a scrap of fabric from my scrap bin. Have fun!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrating the 4th

My favorite thing about any holiday is gathering with friends and family. This year for the 4th we did just that. Everyone brought a pack of fireworks. We made ourselves ice cream sundaes and root beer floats and lined up around the driveway to watch some fun.

Aaron played piro-master for the evening, lighting the fun fireworks and bottle rockets.

Angel LOVED the display, and sang “happy birthday” after each set

Ayden always asked for more!

.....and so another 4th has come and gone and my freezer is still full of ice cream! tonight...banana splits!


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