Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Rain

This morning I woke up early to the sound of a chattering squirrel and a squawking bird outside my window fighting over the bird seed in the hanging feeder. Normally I am not a morning person not. But this morning I woke up and listened to the quiet house, the kids were actually still in bed! Of course my dog Grace was right up when she heard me rustle around. I took her outside and just felt good in the warm rainy air. So I decided that we would take this opportunity to take a walk in the rain.

I love walking in a summer rain, I feel like I am so close to nature and God. We took some quiet residential streets so that I could hear the sounds of the rain and the birds. I have to say, that even tho it was only a short, brisk walk ; I feel like God was telling me to just take a moment from the busy and crazy life and appreciate Him. And I did. I thought about how beautiful the morning is and what a shame it is that I would rather pull the blanket over my head then get up with the kids. I thought about how many more trips to the park we should take this summer, with a picnic lunch. I thought about how beautiful my children are and what a gift they are to me.

So many thoughts passed through my mind when I normally just push them aside because I have more sewing to do and I gotta get Angel to school and therapy and I have meetings to attend and I have chores to do. So when we came up our driveway and I let Grace off the leash to shake out her wet coat, I said a little prayer: "God, when it rains in the summer, help me to wake up early and take a walk with you. Thank you for the beauty in my life."

I hope that next time it rains, dog or not, go take a walk and listen to His nature. You won't regret it.

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  1. This literally brought tears to my eyes. I love reading and coming to understand how others view the world and what is beautiful to them. I think anyone would have to agree everything you mentioned in this blog is beautiful. What an enlightening experience. Love you Nichole!



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