Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Schools Out!

Well, it has finally come, the first day of summer vacation. And to celebrate we are laying around in pj's all day. The biscuits are in the oven for some biscuits and gravy as a late brunch.

I can't believe that Angel is actually moving into a new school. Kindergarden. Its scarry for any mom to send their child off to school, but for me its a whole new ball game. Angel has been at Whitman Elementary for three years as a half day student in the developmental pre school program. I love her teacher Carrie and assistants Tinly and Lori. I will miss them all so much. I admit I was a little teary eyed when we left yesterday with the final armload of craft projects and paperwork.

With the progress Angel has made in 3 years, I know that she will do even better as she continues through school.

God will be with her every step of the way. I know it, but I am still a little bit scared. I guess that's just motherhood.

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