Friday, June 25, 2010

A day at the park

I am quickly growing to love this summer. Both of the kids are finally at the stage that they can play at the park without me holding their hands all the way through every obstacle. They have come to appreciate the time we spend at the park and get the most play for their time each time we go.
We are fortunate that there are several beautiful parks in this town, and the city put brand new equipment in each of them. Usually the kids want to go to "castle park" which is wooden park at the grade school I went to growing up. The parents of the students volunteered to build it, with lots of twisty turney stairs thourgh a maze to the top where you can slide down, or balance beam arcoss, it was fun for me then, and fun for them now. But this time Ayden asked if we could go to a new park, so we packed up some snacks and went to Herrith Soft Ball Park.
It amazes me to watch Angel navigate her way around the equipment. Last year there is now way she could have done this on her own, and now she makes her way up the stairs and to the slides, a little slowly, but on her own. When she sees her brother fly across something, she wants to try it, but if the step is too big for her to do on her own, she will go back to the safe stairs and play on the slide.
I just know it won't be long until she is flying around with him.

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