Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Bad Day

Yesterday Angel was acting like she didn't feel well in the morning. I kept her home from therapy but by the time school came around she was jumping around and playing like normal. So I went ahead and sent her to school.
unfortunately it was one of those days at school when she has an attitude and breaks out the tantrums for everything. But at home things went on like normal. Until I found her asleep on the floor in an odd place. It wasn't like she fell asleep watching the movie. I think she may have had a seizure that I didn't see. My heart broke. How many times does this happen when I don't see it? I can just follow her around all day, I have to let her play and be independent.
while I was in the kitchen she and ayden were playing with the bowling pins. She laid down and had a seizure.
It is one of the most scary things that any parent can deal with. After it was all over I snuggled her on the couch for about 20 minutes and then she was up and ready to go again. This morning she was up at 5am. at 7 am she had another one. and again at 1030.
I so wish that I could take these from her and endure them myself. I hate that she has to suffer through these. But is it worth the health risks to put her on seizure medications? The specialist at the Portland hospital made it seem like these are not serious and should be monitored longer before deciding on medications.

Lord be with this little girl. Take her into your hands and keep her safe. A-men

The episode log entries for today:
05/06/10 9:00 am: I noticed her on the couch with her eyes very wide and fixed. When I went to her she was lethargic but completely responsive. She rested with me for about 20 minutes after. I don’t know if it was an episode, but was suspicious.
4:30 pm: I found her asleep on the floor in an odd place. I suspect that she had an episode that I did not witness.
7:45 pm: She was playing in the kitchen while I was making dinner. She just slowly laid down on the floor. I noticed her face was turning very pale and she was not breathing. She was not responsive to my voice and her eyes were fixed upward and to the side. Her color turned to a bluish-gray. The episode lasted for more than a minute. She was responsive before she started breathing again. After blowing in her face she started to breathe. She rested after this episode for about 20 minutes but did not sleep.

05/07/10 7:00 am : She had gotten up at 5 am and was wondering around very sleepily. She didn’t focus her attention on anything in particular. She laid down in the hallway on her back. She was not breathing, her color was gray. Her eyes were fixed upward. This episode lasted for more than a minute. She started breathing on her own before she was responsive. She slept for about an hour after this episode.
10:30 am: She was sitting up with her hands over her face. I made her lay down, she was responsive at this point and didn’t want to lay back. For about 70-90 seconds she wasn’t breathing and making swallowing actions. I lost response and her eyes rolled upward and her head back. Then her whole body went limp and her eyes half closed. After blowing in her face she took a couple of shallow breathes. I stimulated her upper body until she started breathing regularly. She immediately went to sleep.


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