Friday, April 9, 2010

Mom, I Love You

What is it about being a mom that makes you so crazy with every emotion at the same time. Last night while Ayden and I were sitting on the couch he gives me a hug and says, Mom, I love you. Instantly my heart melted as I said I love you too baby. And all in the same moment he says "and I am your favorite boy in the whole world". A big smile crossed my face as I realized that he hears me every time I tuck him in to bed. Even when he doesn't respond, he hears me and remembers that I love him.

A bond between a mother and a child is indescribable. When either of my kids give me a hug, I can feel the love passing between us, that tie of blood and soul. I know that time will take this bond on a roller coaster. That each of my kids will rebel, press the line and even cross it. They will have to travel their own path and realize their purpose in life on their own. But right now, while they are young, I am going to soak up every little moment of love. And even when they don't show the love like they do today, I will always show the love I have in my heart.

I have my own mother to thank for that. I did a lot of stupid things growing up. But that is part of growing up, we all do stupid things. And thankfully, I had a mother who always remembered that. She gave me room to grow while keeping a firm hand on the gate. Today I can easily say that my mom is my best friend. I can only hope that my kids will be able to say the same thing about me in 20 years. "Mom, I love you"

"Think of me everyday. Hold tight to what I say and I'll be close to you, even from far away. Know that where ever you are, it is never too far, if you think of me I'll be with you." - veggie tales

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