Friday, April 2, 2010

Lost Teeth!

What a crazy week we have had!
The drive home from Portland was much less rainy, making a nicer drive. The kids were worn out and slept most of the way and I listened to an Audio Book (Dear John :: which I didn't really enjoy, I sure hope the movie is better)

So Tuesday afternoon we got home and just collapsed. Nathan had to go to work, but I just vegged on the couch with the kids for the rest of the night. The kids ate up the last apples from the trip and, what do you know, I found a tooth on the floor! Angel lost her first tooth! It is one of the bottom, front. It is really hard to look at her teeth, even brushing is a daily chore, but I noticed that the one next to it was crooked and loose as well. I am guessing that they had been loose for a while, but since she won't let me check them I didn't know and the apple just gave it that last push.

I don't know about you, but a loose tooth just drives me crazy. I wanted to pull it all night, but she wouldn't let me. Then on Wednesday night I found another tooth on the floor! So her two front teeth on the bottom are missing! What a milestone. This tooth had the permanent already broken through the skin under neath. Unfortunately she has such and overbite that when she smiles you can't see the gap, so I don't have a good picture yet...but I am determined to get at least one good picture for the photo book at the end of the year.

Until next time,

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