Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Another Easter egg hunt is finally over, we hid more than 300 plastic eggs in my in-laws back yard this year, and that wan't even all of them!! Every year we buy more plastic eggs and now have 2 big paper boxes full of them! But since we were three kids short of the normal bunch we held back.

This is the fourth year that Angel was really involved in. For her first few Easters she just sat on the deck and watched while playing with her own eggs and basket. The first time she hunted, Grandma held her hand and helped. The last two years she needed only a little guidance to keep her focus and attention on the task at hand; but this year! I am so happy to say that she didn't need help at all. I gave her a bucket and she knew just exactly what it was for. She filled it twice before she was bored with the game and went in the house to watch some more veggie tales.

Of course I few this as a larger accomplishment than some parents would, but I am just full of joy today. Especially since when we pulled into the driveway this morning she had a minor seizure in the car. It wasn't nearly what some of the other episodes had been, but she was having a hard time breathing in, she tried hard to keep her focus on me, but the eye contact could only hold out for so long. She didn't turn blue this time, but very very pale.

When we got in the house she had nearly no strength and no balance at all. So we snuggled in the chair for a while before eating breakfast. As if a whisper from her guardian angel she began to sing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" to me. If you know Angel, you know that she sings 24/7. She knows every kids song out there and she can learn a new song after hearing it just a few times. Its not the singing that brought a tear to my eye, its the song that she sang. Godetting me know that He has His hands around her and is going to take care of us.

She didn't sleep like she normally would after an episode, but she didn't move from lap to lap and snuggle with everyone. Of course when breakfast was served she was all about the fresh fruit. Ayden couldn't wait for those eggs to be hidden and pushed me out the door as soon as the plate was clean.

Right now we are in between visits. Just waiting for Nathan to get home from work to shower and then we are off to my Uncles home for Easter dinner with my side of the family. Angel's 6th birthday is tomorrow! as well has her first ever hair cut! I am a little sad, but I know I will happy when its over with. The ends of her hair (the newborn baby hair) is just dead and needs to be cleaned off so her new hair can grow more healthy....but still :(

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  1. ahhhhh she is so cute!!! Your an awesome mom Nichole! Remember our easter egg hunts at Grandma Maggies?



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