Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Angel!

6 years already! I simply can't believe it. My sweet little baby is growing up.
We didn't plan a big party this year like normal. I am just too wiped out from the trip and planning for Easter and working on my Etsy shop that I just couldn't pull it together.

So instead I made some cupcakes and took them to each of our family dinners yesterday. She absolutely loves having Happy Birthday sung to her, so her day was fulfilled just because it was
done twice.
I made the cupcakes and fondant flowers, and put the m in the pots, with 6...yes 6, candles. She didn't care so much about blowing out the candles, but that's what we have Ayden for! He was all over that.

So not only is today her birthday. But it was the day of her first hair cut. I just haven't been able to cut away those baby strands. for so long it was the only curl she had left, but for the last few years they didn't even curl any more.

Last year I had said that I was going to cut it, but managed to skate through her birthday with no one asking about I saved it for "one more year" . But now it just had to be done. So I set her at the kitchen counter and got out the scissors.
I am happy its done, but there is still a little part of me that is sad, the last bits of her baby days are officially over. For the first time her birthday was on a school day, for the last 2 years her birthday was over spring break. So I sent some mini pink cupcakes to school with her. With missing teeth and a new hair cut, this 6th birthday is definitely a special one.
Happy Birthday Angel!


  1. I'm sure that 1st haircut is such a bittersweet moment! Glad to hear she has such a nice birthday.

  2. Happy birthday Angel!



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