Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today Angel woke up with a mouth full of words. She has been labeling and requesting like crazy all morning. Its amazing how some days she is just in connection with the world around her and some days she lives in her own world and is shut off from the rest of us. I am grateful for the mornings that she looks at me says "i love you" followed by a sweet kiss. This morning was one of those days.

Every day the kids get Play time and Work time. Play time is their own free time, to watch a movie or play with whatever (right now they are watching Elmo's Potty DVD ;) ) Work time, is still play time, but in a constructive way. After breakfast this morning, we did coloring. I couldn't help but smile as she flipped through the color book and labeled pictures.

At school her Occupational Therapist is working on fine motor skills and one of those things is using small objects such as a short pencil or crayon. It is still a goal that we are working at, but she is getting better and better at controlling the crayons with her fingers.

Its so hard being mom. She knows that I know what she wants. So when I make her use words to request what she wants she gets frustrated. The topic of discussion with her speech therapists this year has been the fact that she knows the words, and if its a cognitive issue that she just can't pull it out at the right time. When you engage Angel in play and she is using words in her own time she is often successful and appropriate. But when you request a specific label or word, you can see it in her face that she has to file through her brain to pull out that word. She can sing any word in any song, so we know she is physically able to speak the words, but how much she actually understands is unknown.

She has a few phrases that she has memorized from her Disney and Nick Jr shows: " oh no! what will we do?" "we did it, we did it, hooray!" "Are you okay? It'll be okay, I promise" She uses them at the right times, but are they really considered constructing a sentence or just a memorized phrase that she recognizes when to use it. Angel loves Dora the Explorer, it will capture her complete attention anytime anywhere. Lately she has been saying this: "Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping, Swiper nooo swiping. Oh, man. You're too late! You'll never find it now! hahaha" Whats funny is that she will put something in my hand and make me take it away as I'm a Swiper swiping her stuff.

The amount of time it takes her memorize something is another interesting point. Labeling objects is coming about more quickly than it used to, but is still slow. Memorizing words to a new song is magic. After hearing a song just a few times she is able to start singing the words and even humming the melody. She sings all the time, its wonderful to hear, until she is singing loudly in church!! LOL

Several years ago I started sign language, specifically the Signing Smart program. It is the most fantastic program out there. The book is inexpensive, only $15 and it gives you all the tools you need to start signing with your baby. At first Angel was picking up on it and it was becoming an effective way to communicate. But after about 6 months she just stopped signing all together. Now it comes and goes but she hasn't been able to learn any new signs for some time. On the other hand, my 3 year old son has a signing vocabulary over 100. He can learn a new sign in just a few minutes. My hopes is that she will mimic him and start using signs again.

Language is an amazing thing. Oh how I would love to go back to school and become a Language Pathologist! What an interesting world.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mom, I Love You

What is it about being a mom that makes you so crazy with every emotion at the same time. Last night while Ayden and I were sitting on the couch he gives me a hug and says, Mom, I love you. Instantly my heart melted as I said I love you too baby. And all in the same moment he says "and I am your favorite boy in the whole world". A big smile crossed my face as I realized that he hears me every time I tuck him in to bed. Even when he doesn't respond, he hears me and remembers that I love him.

A bond between a mother and a child is indescribable. When either of my kids give me a hug, I can feel the love passing between us, that tie of blood and soul. I know that time will take this bond on a roller coaster. That each of my kids will rebel, press the line and even cross it. They will have to travel their own path and realize their purpose in life on their own. But right now, while they are young, I am going to soak up every little moment of love. And even when they don't show the love like they do today, I will always show the love I have in my heart.

I have my own mother to thank for that. I did a lot of stupid things growing up. But that is part of growing up, we all do stupid things. And thankfully, I had a mother who always remembered that. She gave me room to grow while keeping a firm hand on the gate. Today I can easily say that my mom is my best friend. I can only hope that my kids will be able to say the same thing about me in 20 years. "Mom, I love you"

"Think of me everyday. Hold tight to what I say and I'll be close to you, even from far away. Know that where ever you are, it is never too far, if you think of me I'll be with you." - veggie tales

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Angel!

6 years already! I simply can't believe it. My sweet little baby is growing up.
We didn't plan a big party this year like normal. I am just too wiped out from the trip and planning for Easter and working on my Etsy shop that I just couldn't pull it together.

So instead I made some cupcakes and took them to each of our family dinners yesterday. She absolutely loves having Happy Birthday sung to her, so her day was fulfilled just because it was
done twice.
I made the cupcakes and fondant flowers, and put the m in the pots, with 6...yes 6, candles. She didn't care so much about blowing out the candles, but that's what we have Ayden for! He was all over that.

So not only is today her birthday. But it was the day of her first hair cut. I just haven't been able to cut away those baby strands. for so long it was the only curl she had left, but for the last few years they didn't even curl any more.

Last year I had said that I was going to cut it, but managed to skate through her birthday with no one asking about I saved it for "one more year" . But now it just had to be done. So I set her at the kitchen counter and got out the scissors.
I am happy its done, but there is still a little part of me that is sad, the last bits of her baby days are officially over. For the first time her birthday was on a school day, for the last 2 years her birthday was over spring break. So I sent some mini pink cupcakes to school with her. With missing teeth and a new hair cut, this 6th birthday is definitely a special one.
Happy Birthday Angel!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Another Easter egg hunt is finally over, we hid more than 300 plastic eggs in my in-laws back yard this year, and that wan't even all of them!! Every year we buy more plastic eggs and now have 2 big paper boxes full of them! But since we were three kids short of the normal bunch we held back.

This is the fourth year that Angel was really involved in. For her first few Easters she just sat on the deck and watched while playing with her own eggs and basket. The first time she hunted, Grandma held her hand and helped. The last two years she needed only a little guidance to keep her focus and attention on the task at hand; but this year! I am so happy to say that she didn't need help at all. I gave her a bucket and she knew just exactly what it was for. She filled it twice before she was bored with the game and went in the house to watch some more veggie tales.

Of course I few this as a larger accomplishment than some parents would, but I am just full of joy today. Especially since when we pulled into the driveway this morning she had a minor seizure in the car. It wasn't nearly what some of the other episodes had been, but she was having a hard time breathing in, she tried hard to keep her focus on me, but the eye contact could only hold out for so long. She didn't turn blue this time, but very very pale.

When we got in the house she had nearly no strength and no balance at all. So we snuggled in the chair for a while before eating breakfast. As if a whisper from her guardian angel she began to sing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" to me. If you know Angel, you know that she sings 24/7. She knows every kids song out there and she can learn a new song after hearing it just a few times. Its not the singing that brought a tear to my eye, its the song that she sang. Godetting me know that He has His hands around her and is going to take care of us.

She didn't sleep like she normally would after an episode, but she didn't move from lap to lap and snuggle with everyone. Of course when breakfast was served she was all about the fresh fruit. Ayden couldn't wait for those eggs to be hidden and pushed me out the door as soon as the plate was clean.

Right now we are in between visits. Just waiting for Nathan to get home from work to shower and then we are off to my Uncles home for Easter dinner with my side of the family. Angel's 6th birthday is tomorrow! as well has her first ever hair cut! I am a little sad, but I know I will happy when its over with. The ends of her hair (the newborn baby hair) is just dead and needs to be cleaned off so her new hair can grow more healthy....but still :(

Signing of for now

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lost Teeth!

What a crazy week we have had!
The drive home from Portland was much less rainy, making a nicer drive. The kids were worn out and slept most of the way and I listened to an Audio Book (Dear John :: which I didn't really enjoy, I sure hope the movie is better)

So Tuesday afternoon we got home and just collapsed. Nathan had to go to work, but I just vegged on the couch with the kids for the rest of the night. The kids ate up the last apples from the trip and, what do you know, I found a tooth on the floor! Angel lost her first tooth! It is one of the bottom, front. It is really hard to look at her teeth, even brushing is a daily chore, but I noticed that the one next to it was crooked and loose as well. I am guessing that they had been loose for a while, but since she won't let me check them I didn't know and the apple just gave it that last push.

I don't know about you, but a loose tooth just drives me crazy. I wanted to pull it all night, but she wouldn't let me. Then on Wednesday night I found another tooth on the floor! So her two front teeth on the bottom are missing! What a milestone. This tooth had the permanent already broken through the skin under neath. Unfortunately she has such and overbite that when she smiles you can't see the gap, so I don't have a good picture yet...but I am determined to get at least one good picture for the photo book at the end of the year.

Until next time,


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